Organic Milk Near me

At Gir Amritphal, we provide farm-fresh Cow Milk near Gurgaon and Delhi to bridge the gap between milk procurers (farmers) and end customers who cannot access organic food in big cities. So, you can rest assured with delicious and pure A2 milk from our Desi Gir cows.

An Indian household needs milk every day. The demand and need for dairy products from every Indian encouraged us to provide safe, farm-fresh and organic cow milk in Delhi. We understand it is not easy to find the authentic and best source to obtain organic food in this day and age. Hence, we produce A2 cow milk and milk products in a healthy and secure environment.

Why Choose Us?

No Compromise on Quality

We feed our cows only with the best-quality and home-grown fodder, free of insecticides, pesticides, or chemicals. We ensure 24x7 tracking of our cattle and take care of their health. We conduct health check-ups and purity tests, maintain proper udder cleaning and ensure milk quality and purity.

Safe and Hygienic Collection

We use automated machines for milking our cows in completely germ-free conditions without any human contact. These machines are bio-safe, ensuring hygienic and safe milk procurement. The milk is stored in glass bottles just after procurement of milk. Then, the milk is stored at 4 degree Celsius to retain freshness.

Ample Convenience

We have a well-trained delivery staff to deliver bottled and stored milk to your homes. Every morning, we provide timely deliveries to avoid any inconvenience for you. Our team regularly goes through temperature monitoring and health check-ups to ensure the safety of everyone.

Gir Amritphal provides safe and unadulterated milk without formalin. We obtain fresh milk from healthy cows every morning and deliver the same through our delivery people to our customers' doorsteps.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where does A2 cow milk come from?

We have cattle farms around Gurgaon stretched over lush greens. Our Desi Gir cows live in a world-class home, and we have taken all the efforts to nurture them in our farms. Our philosophy is simple. We produce delicious and healthy milk only from happy cows. They feed nutritious fodder, love their calves, and we take care of their well-being.

Is A2 Milk healthier than regular milk?

A2 is a protein found in desi cows, and it is easy to digest. A2 milk has nutrition values and is as light as a human mother’s milk. Older adults and kids also prefer it.

Is my A2 milk free of any chemicals?

Obviously, you can rest assured that our Desi Gir cows’ milk is free of pesticides, chemicals, antibiotics, preservatives, or growth hormones. We test and monitor each farm regularly.